bullet journal ideas for printed notepads and calendars make perfect planner accessory or personalized gift

Bullet journal ideas for DIY notepads

So Bullet Journaling has been the rage for a number of years now. You can scroll through Pinterest for hours and hours for inspirational ideas. I am always just blown away at how creative some people are! From the clever layouts, to the line drawings to the beautiful hand lettering, it truly is an art.

When I see all the time, effort and talent that goes into these spreads I am simply amazed. Speaking from someone who could not create such artwork if my life depended on it, I sometimes find it sad that many of these works of art never see the light of day.    

Now I know these incredibly talented people do it for the love of the art. You hear it is relaxing, almost a meditative experience for them. Then one day it dawned on me that the Get-Noted notepad paper would be perfect for Bullet Journalers. They can draw their designs on the paper then print out multiple pages to create their own hand-drawn notepads.

Their hand-lettering skills and drawings would make the ultimate personalized stationery for themselves or as gifts for loved ones. Who wouldn't be thrilled receiving that gift!   bullet journal habit tracker notepad for gift or desktop

Habit trackers are very popular with Bullet Journalers. A smaller version could be made and printed out to make a handy desktop size. We all know it is great to have those little reminders out when attempting a new routine or habit. 

The 4" x 6" format is the perfect size to tuck into a purse or bag. An adhesive pocket can hold the notepad to the inside cover of a planner.

Some Bullet Journalers share their talents through free printables or have shops on Etsy. These designs are generally printed out and glued into a bullet journal book. But with Get-Noted printable paper, the designs can be printed to create a seamless "hand drawn look" notepad.


bullet journal personalized hand lettering notepad

I hope that these ideas have inspired you to try something new. Let your talents see daylight.  Whether it is on a convenient notepad for your own desk or as a special gift for a loved one, it is bound to brighten someone's day.

Please follow and respect all copyright laws. A lot of designers are very generous and offer their designs for personal use only. 

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