Resources & Tips



You don't need to own or have a subscription to a graphic design program in order to make your own calendars or notepads.

It's great if you do, but if not, use our favorite,

  •  -  Absolute favorite!  A top notch, on-line graphic design program that requires no prior experience or knowledge.  All you need is an email address to setup a free account.  There is also a paid version which offers more designs. Everything is pretty self-explanatory and simplified.  You can use your own photos and designs or theirs.  As you become more comfortable with the website, you can use their templates for other mediums such as invitations, posters, menus, etc. and change the dimensions to 4" x 6", then make the revisions.

Tip: We find that "Saving to Standard PDF" makes printing faster and more economical when making notepads.

In addition, Canva has an incredible free mobile app.  This makes using your phone pictures or designs from other apps super easy. Designs made on a phone can be saved in your account and later printed from a computer if that is preferred.

  •  -  This is an on-line paid subscription photo editing program.  Easy enough, especially after watching a  3 minute "introduction to basics" video on Youtube.  If you are want to eliminate a background in a photo, such as a cutout of a person, it is super easy in PicMonkey!    

If you are looking for graphic designs: (Generally you want to look for files offered as JPG or PNG files)

  •  -  Another of our favorites!  We like the Weekly Freebies! Every Wednesday they offer a free design product.  They always have $1 Deals which are so much fun to cruise through.
  •  -  In addition to the 6 freebies they offer each week, there are endless graphics offered at great prices.  
  •  -  A very talented graphic artist!  In her blog, you will find a vast amount of girly graphics and clip art elements for free.  In addition she has a shop with very affordable, beautiful designs. 
  •  -  You can find it all here.  Whether you are looking for clipart or printables. You can find stylish printables that are offered as 8-1/2" x 11" pdfs that can be reduced down to fit 4" x 6".  See "how to" details on our  blog post here.

Another very valuable resource are the ever popular "free printables" that many bloggers offer as incentives to sign up for their email list.  Most often they are offered as one of two ways:

  1. JPG  -  This is usually when it is artwork that is to be hung on a wall. Once downloaded to your files, it can be  treated as a "photo" or artwork element in your notepad or calendar design design.
  2. PDF  -  As stated above, these can usually be reduced down to a 4" x 6" size.

This is just scratching the surface! We look forward to seeing what you will do. 

Please observe and follow all Copyright Rules and Guidelines. Most designs are available for PERSONAL USE ONLY.