Printing on Get-Noted! Printable 4" x 6" Paper

 Please note:  Every text/graphics software program such as Microsoft Word, Adobe Illustrator, etc. as well as every brand of printer has a different "Printer Setup".  Therefore the wording and layout will vary but the concept will be the same.  

Priniting is  easy!.  The most important thing is to change your paper size.  Sometimes you need to change the paper size in more than one spot. For detailed instructions:

Before you begin designing your notepad, make sure your layout is setup for 4" x 6".  You may want to decrease the margins as much as allowed.

It is best to print one page first, to make sure everything is set up correctly before printing out multiples.

Once ready to print, select "Print".  This will bring up the print dialog box. This is where you need to make a few important changes:

  1.  Make sure paper size is set to 4" x 6".
  2.  Next click on "Printer Preferences" or "Printer Properties".  This will bring up 2 new tabs.
  3.  Click on the "Paper/Quality" tab.  
  4.   Again, set "Paper Size" to 4" x 6".
  5.   In "Media Type" or "Paper Type" select "Plain", "Standard" or "Copy" paper. The different programs and printers have various wording for the same thing. Some printers this is not a factor and does not matter.  
  6.   Click "Print" again.

If the paper misfeeds, skips, crimps, punctures or jams, make sure you are changing the "Paper Type" or "Paper Quality"  as explained in #5 above.  This will generally take care of the problem.

Below is a video demonstrating these printer changes.