Who doesn't love a freebie?

We have included a few free printables just to get the creative juices flowing.  Click on the image to start your PDF download.  Please be aware that the designs are for personal use only.

butterly gold and pink printable notepad stationery   butterfly printable notepad stationey blue  to do list printable stationey notepad  vintage floral staionery printable notepad  today daily to do list printable notepad stationery  habit tracker daily printable notepad stationery  lined notebook printable paper stationery notepad 

Bullet Journal dotted & graph papers 

bullet journal dot printable otepad stationery   bullet journal graph paper

2022 Calendar (12 months)


2022 printable calendar


Select and save the lined paper below to your phone's photo gallery.  Generally this is accomplished by touching and holding on your selection until your phone gives you options. Every phone make and model is different but it should allow you to send the image to your photo gallery.       

For detailed directions on how to make notepads on your phone using the free Canva app, click here. 

Colored Lined Pages
lined note paper graylined paper yellow    green lined paper pink lined paper lined blue free printable paperlined notepad paper black 

Monthly Calendars - Just  Add Your Own Photos

Directions for how to make calendars on your phone, click here.
Tap on each month to save to your phone's photo gallery.
July 2022
August 2022
September 2022
October 2022
November 2022
December 2022
January 2023]
February 2023
March 2023
April 2023
May 2023
June 2023
July 2023
August 2023
September 2023
October 2023
November 2023
December 2023 
To print on DIY notepads 4" x 6" paper, the following changes need to be made after you have downloaded the PDF and selected the printer icon (usually in upper right corner of PDF download). 

Every printer, graphics program and computer system have different dialog boxes. In order to make all these changes,  you may need to click on  "Print using system dialog... " and the "Advanced" option.  The changes are:

  1.  Page Layout Size - Set to 4" x 6"
  2.  Paper Size - Set to  4" x 6"
  3.  Media Type or Paper Type - Set to Plain Paper or Standard Copy Paper
Below is a video that shows an example of these changes
Click here to see printing tips