Make photo calendars on your phone

              photo calendars of children made on phone with photos
You can easily make these personalized calendars on your phone with just a few clicks. 

   Click here for the DIY notepads starter kit


    This fun, new process requires that you have the FREE Canva Mobile app. You can find this in your app store.

    Check out this video to see how easy it is to make calendars on your phone.

    Below are monthly calendars suppled as JPG files so they can be saved to your phone's photo gallery.

    Each month needs to be saved individually to your phone's PHOTOS. To do this, touch and hold the desired month. A  dropdown will appear where you can, select to "SAVE" image into your phone's Photos. Each phone make and model will have slightly different wording but the end result is the same - save into your phone photo gallery.

    Once all the desired months have been saved, follow the full directions below:


      1. Download the FREE Canva app for your phone in your app store.
      2. Open the Canva mobile app.
      3. Tap the purple plus icon at bottom of screen
        making notepad on phone step 3 touch plus
      4. Tap on "Custom Size"
        demonstration step 4 is click on custom size
      5. Select inches in dropdown, type in "4 x 6". Tap on "Create new design".
        shows step 5 inserting 4 in by 6 in
      6. Tap  "Camera Roll" 
        step 6 is choosing camera roll
      7. Select monthly calendar. Then tap on "Add to page"
        shows step 7 is selecting monthly calendar and add to page
      8. Grab calendar, resize and put in position. Tap Purple plus icon.
        step 8 is moving calendar into place and tap the plus icon
      9. Select photo. Tap "Add to page".
        step 9 you select photo
      10. Grab photo and resize to fit. Tap on download icon to save in your "Photo Library"; ready to print. Or all designs are automatically saved in your online Canva account, therefore you can print later from a desktop
        step 10 show how to select download to photo gallery


      *To print from your desktop at a later time:

      1. Got to and sign in.
      2. Find your design under "Recent designs" near middle of page
        3.  Click "Share" icon in upper right corner; then click "download"
            4.  Select preferred file type from dropdown menu. 
            5.  Click on Download. 

        Now it is ready to print from your computer downloads file.

             Remember to change paper and image size to 4" x 6"