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Locker ideas - DIY personalized notepads & calendars

Looking for a fun, different way to make your locker stand out from the rest? 

You can create your own designs of notepads and calendars to go with any theme or vibe you have going on. With the Get-Noted notepad kit you can have a professional looking pad in your hands within minutes with no measuring or cutting involved.

There are so many different great photo editing apps with fun stickers, filters and word art. The problem is they are awesome to play around with but you can only post so many. Now this gives you another outlet to use them. You can use any  app as long as you can save the end product to your photo gallery.

There are tons of graphic design/text programs where you can create your masterpiece. Our favorite is Canva. They also have a free mobile app that is super easy to use. You can design and print from your phone or wait and print from a desktop at later date. Your designs are saved to your account.

Play around and when you get your desired look, just print it out on the precut 4" x 6" paper. Print as many sheets as you want. You can make each page different if you like. There are no rules - you are the graphic designer. You decide! If you need a little design help or inspiration there are templates that you can revise to your liking.

What's also great is due to the small size and the fact that notepads and calendars have a lot of white space, they require very little ink. A cool way to print out fun pics without using the valuable ink!

Maybe you need a little help staying organized. Create the perfect system for yourself. Make your own chart or system that works just for you. Don't forget on Pinterest there are tons of free school/college printables to download or give you inspiration for your own design. You can resize a lot of these printables to fit the 4" x 6" paper.  

Whether you need a place to write notes to yourself, set up a homework checklist or a place to show off your style, you can do just that.

 locker idea personalized calendar and notepads

Slap a magnet on the back and the 4" x 6" size is a perfect addition for those tiny lockers. This smaller size makes it ideal to easily store in your backpack's outer zipper pockets which makes it very accessible. Or you can tuck it in an adhesive pocket that attaches to your planner's inner cover. Make a notepad with your name on it and a design that coordinates with the feel of your planner for a super pulled together look,

Play around and have some fun! We warn can become additive ;)

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