make custom habit tracker for personal  goal setting

Creating new habits

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit.  Sounds easy enough, when I remember to do it!  I am usually pretty good the first handful of days, then it goes south.  Generally I just forget, and sometimes I try to forget. So the other day I blew the regime of some new supplements on day 3.  One requires on an empty stomach while the other is on full stomach.  Since they are both taken twice a day, I thought I am going to have to write this down.  Then it occurred to me...print it out on a notepad along with some other things that I am always striving to make a daily habit, such as drinking more water, flossing, keeping house in order, etc.  Then print out 21 pages for a notepad.  Keep it in sight and cross off as day goes on - so rewarding!  If I follow this, then after 21 days I have created a bunch of great habits all at once!  Seems like I am getting by with something;)

I make lots of lists on my phone for things like this but I forget about them. I guess it is because I always have my phone with me so there is nothing to jog my memory!  So I am going to try this and thought I would share this in case it appeals to others.  Wish me luck!


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