thanksgiving printable for table setting and diy gift

DIY Notepads can double as a Thanksgiving place card and a take home gift

Thanksgiving DIY notepad as a place card

Looking for some new ideas to jazz up your Thanksgiving table? Well we have a few using the very versatile and functional Get-Noted Notepads kit. You can create a notepad or calendar to double as an extra special place card for your guests to take home. Whatever the theme or look you have going, you can design something to coordinate with it.

Thanksgiving table setting using notepads as placecards


 Place cards can be a great way to get your guests to mingle, however there are always a few people that get offended being told where to sit. The notepads can be a subtle way to keep everybody happy.  All ages appreciate and delight in seeing the thoughtfulness of a personalized notepad at their seat.

Thanksgiving trivia and games at each places setting for Thanksgiving

(Above Trivia questions from

If your feeling really festive, you can create a Thanksgiving activity pad for each place setting. Maybe give each guest different trivia facts that can be shared with the group or make a contest out of it. You can include a Thanksgiving bingo card or two in the pack and use candy corn as the markers. Prizes can be as simple as a double slice of pie to coupons for Eggnog shakes. There are all sorts of free (or almost free) Thanksgiving printables between Pinterest and Etsy. Most standard PDF's can be printed to fit on the DIYnotepads 4" x 6" size.  Click here for directions.

Thanksgiving kids table printables

Let's not forget the kiddos! They love anything with their name on it! has all sorts of free clip art that can be used as coloring pages. Just point and click. Again, there are tons of free kids printables for Thanksgiving.  Give each child different jokes that they can share with the other kids or with the adult table. Sometimes a corny little joke can be just the thing to break the ice with cousins they haven't seen for a while. The back pages can be a notepad with their name on it that they can take home.Thanksgiving kids table activity

It's funny how these "little things" in life, enjoying a great meal with the whole family, can be our greatest memories. We hope you have a very memorable, happy Thanksgiving with your family.


 All notepads in this blog post were made in using free or $1.00 graphics.


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