personalized photo calendar made on phone using photo edited pics

Make personalized calendars from phone

Make your own personalized calendar on your phone with in minutes! For this process you will need to download the free mobile app from

  1. Make sure the photos you wish to use are saved in your phone's "Photo" gallery. You can use any of your own apps that add filters, stickers, or word art to the photo as long as the finished photo can be saved to your phone's main "Photos" gallery  (not the app's).
  2. Select each monthly calendar from the list below and save it to your phone's "Photo" gallery.
  3. Open the Canva app.
  4. Under "Create A New Design", select "Custom Dimensions" and type in "1200 x 1800".
  5. Select the "+" in lower right corner  to add your photo and monthly calendar to each page.
  6. Print from your phone or later from your desktop. The designs you create on your phone will be saved to your Canva account. When you sign in to Canva on your desktop, the designs can be found by tapping the square icon on the bottom right corner. Download the design to your computer to print out.

 For detailed directions with photos for each step click here

Now gather your printed calendar pages along with a precut backing to clip together with the Get-Noted clamps. Brush on padding compound and wait 30 minutes to dry or use blow dryer on low, cool setting for 3 minutes. Enjoy!

Click here for Get-Noted initial notepad kit to get started. Includes enough padding compound for over 100 notepads and calendars.

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