planner notepad personalized for organization

Get more out of your planner - How to stay organized in life

How to get more out of your planner? Add a customized DIYnotepad and adhesive pocket to the inside cover of your planner.   The convenient 4" x 6" pocket/notepad fits almost all planner types and sizes. Instead of the generic notepad,  you can modify the notepad to perfectly fit your life.  

personalized notepad in clear adhesive pocket applied to planner inside cover

Think about it, you can type out a daily to do list for the everyday tasks and use the planner for your tasks that change day to day. This way you have your own customized "to do" list that can keep you on track when faced with the daily distractions and interruptions. No more trying to remember if you completed the daily things. Just have your reference that you print out once and refer to it as the day goes on.

Make personalized notepad with clear adhesive pocket for planner

Perhaps you are a blogger, a notepad with your blog banner on top is a convenient place to jot down ideas or notes when they strike you. It can also be a nice, professional but yet informal touch when sending correspondence. Another way way to get your name out there.

Maybe a tailored grocery list that is organized to the flow of your grocery store could help make you more efficient.

Imagine a personalized notepad with your name on it that coordinates with the design of your planner. What a stylish, pulled together image that sends. Not only that, but it is tailored by you for the life you live or want to live! You can become efficient and well organized to have more time to spend on the things you want to.

Bullet Journal DIY notepad in clear adhesive pocket for Travelers Journal

Bullet journals, with their beautiful style and hand writing, can be photocopied to make unique but functional notepads.

Personalized DIY notepad padfolio for small business

There are thousands of planners and printable planners out there. However they are only good if they work for you. You can improve on their success by tailoring a notepad to compliment them.

You get the idea. Combining the convenient DIYnotepad and adhesive pocket with your planner, to fit with your lifestyle, can seriously make you more efficient, organized and stylish. So get inspired on Pinterest and think about your day and what could help keep you streamlined to achieve more free time. The beauty is you can keep tweaking until you get what works for you without investing a ton of moneyl  The 4" x 6" size fits with almost every type and size of planners.  Isn't it time you do it your way? 


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