resize pdf to 4" x 6" size | resize free printable

Resize "Free Printables" to fit DIY notepad printer paper

resize pdf to 4" x 6"

It seems like there are unlimited amounts of free printables online. Whether it's for managing your household funds, your daily activities, meal management or anything else you can dream up, it's out there. Not to mention all the creative designs! Now imagine those miniaturized into a handy notepad. They get even cuter!  

Generally free printables are set up in a standard PDF format, 8-1/2" x 11".  Most of these can be reduced to a convenient 4" x 6" size with a few clicks of the mouse. When reduced to 4" x 6", usually there will be an extra 1/2" of white at the top and bottom because of the size ratio.

There are many PDF viewers and each is setup slightly different. In addition, every printer and computer model have slightly different formats or wording. So yours will probably not look identical, however the premise is the same. You need to change: 

  1. Page setup size
  2. Paper size
  3. Type of paper 
The example I am going to show you is opened in the free Google Chrome  PDF viewer. 

Once your file is opened, click on the printer icon:


Next select "Fit to page", then click on "More Settings".pdfs reduced to 4 x 6 inches

This will open up a box like this. In drop down menu click on 4" x 6", then OK.

resize pdfs


 This will bring you back to the Print Dialogue page again. Now click on "Page Setup".

change paper size to 4 x 6 inches for printing

Now make sure the "Page Size" is set to 4" x 6". Then click on "OK".


You are now ready to print your 4" x 6" free printables.  Once printed, simply clamp together then brush on padding compound to make one convenient notepad.  You will see all the free printables in a new light!!

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