how to cut out background from photo for free using windows 10

How to remove background from photo


There is something so stylish and fresh about a photo with the background cut out. Talk about making the subject really pop out! I guess that's why it is has been so on trend for many years. 

The problem is that not everyone has access to pricy Photoshop. There are plenty of other third party apps that can perform this same task. However sometimes it can seem a little uncomfortable allowing access to your photos with an unknown third party app. In addition you may not want to shell out any money for an app. 

However if you have Windows 10, you can remove the background on a photo with no special apps or software. Best of all it only requires a couple of clicks - no steady hand tracing involved!  Just make sure  your photo is a JPG or PNG file. 

It works best if your image has a distinct outline rather than a soft focus edge. Also a good amount of color contrast between the subject and background makes the process go faster.

So let's begin....This adorable model for our demonstration was found in the free images of Canva, our favorite!


  1. Locate your image on your PC and double click on it.
  2. Click on drop down menu under "Edit & Create". Then click on "Edit with Paint 3D".                                 Removing background to image for free
  3. Click on "Magic Select"                                   Magic Select to remove background photo 
  4. Drag sides of box to highlight area you want to cut out. Click "Next".    Slide sides to highlight area to be cutout in windows 10
  5. Follow animation to add or remove any parts on image. Once satisfied, UNCHECK "Autofill background" box. Then click "Done".       delete background in picture free  
  6. Select "Canvas".                                                        Free remove photo background
  7. Turn ON "Transparent canvas".  Turn OFF "Show canvas".  Click on "Menu".                                                      Turn image into sticker
  8. Click on "Save As".                                               How to save image when cutting out background
  9. Click on "Image".                                                   Save cutout image when removing background to picture
  10. Under "Save as Type", Select PNG               Save image as PNG with transparent background when making cutout photo                       
  11. Place checkmark in "Transparency" box, then click on "Save".              Select transparency background when saving cutout image

Your finished cutout image is ready to use. It was likely saved to your "Pictures" file. 

Now it's time to have some fun with your cutout! Just because you made the cut out on your PC doesn't mean that you can't take advantage of all the fun mobile apps with filters and stamps such as Snapchat.    

pet notepads personalized for your pet


For a quick and easy transfer to your phone, just send an email to yourself and open up the email on your phone. From there,  save it to your photos. Now it's ready for all the fun filters, stamps and word art.                    


You can create unique notepads and calendars that are as fun and playful as you. It is a great way to bring those silly moments to life and get them out of your phone for others to enjoy.                                  personalized pet calendar and notepads | remove photo background

Have fun....

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