shower/wedding printable notepads for cheap games

Wedding or bridal shower planning? Think Get-Noted!

Whether you're planning a bridal shower or orchestrating a wedding reception, there are thousand of decisions to make.

And everything is expensive.

Looking to breakout of the over-priced cookie cutter weddings of the past, lots of brides and party planners are looking for custom options that give an event a personal feel.

Enter, Get-Noted notepads.

You design your notepad. Print. Assemble. The perfect blend of customization and do-it-yourself for an affordable price. 

But what, you might ask, do I need notepads for? Read on friends!

Bridal shower games remade

Custom notepads are the perfect accompaniment to any bridal shower or party!

bridal shower printable notepads 



A surprising number of popular bridal shower games need paper to work well. When you design a custom notepad at Get-Noted, you can create a custom notepad for each party guest that includes all the sheets they'll need to play along with the festivities.  Due to their smaller size they require less ink - a definite plus!

For example, one of my current favorite shower games asks guests to match both halves of Disney couples.  Another one I love has guests draw the special wedding couple. Rather than passing around printed sheets at the party (which is always chaotic) instead, create one notepad with all the supplies you'll need.

Adding personalized stationery sheets to the end of the notepad means that each guest can take home a custom favor from the party - score!

 Custom wedding favors

Wedding favors can be a huge source of contention for a lot of couples planning weddings. Deciding what to give away, how much to spend, and whether any of the investment is worth it are important issues to work out.

While I love favors customized to the couple, I realize a lot of these gifts don't stick around my house very long. Instead of giving away trival, low-quality, or highly personalized items that guest won't be able to use consider something else.

Instead design a custom notepad for your guest - add their name, a design flourish that blends with the theme and voila! Each guest has a wedding favor personalized just for them!  It can also double as place cards.

Notepads are the perfect distraction to keep wiggly little ones busy during the wedding ceremony or reception - add word searches, hidden pictures or drawing prompts to the customized notepads at your wedding

Pair your notepad with customized pencils or pens for a perfect favor for each guest.

Other wedding ideas

Once you start brainstorming how to use your custom notepads, I'm sure you'll find dozens of ideas!

Some of my favorite include:

  • Notepads for bridal party members for dress try-on sessions, entrée or cake tastings
  • Gifts for bridal party members or other assistants such as ushers
  • Slip notepads in thank you cards
  • Include in hotel welcome baskets for out-of-town guests
  • Use for reception dinner games and activities
  • Incorporate into novel guest book - guests write a note, tear off their sheet and add to a huge corkboard
  • Make available for guests to place DJ requests at the reception
The possibilities are truly endless. Get-Noted pads are the perfect option for your upcoming wedding or bridal party - pair your vision with our notepad kits for an unforgettable event!


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